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19th Century Poster Competition

These are the finalists for the Long 19th Century World Economic History Congress competition for graduate student posters. The posters will be presented on site at the World Congress at the Boston Marriott Cambridge.

Session members

  • Chenzi Xu, Harvard University, United States
  • André L. Lanza, University of São Paulo , Brazil
  • Samuel R. Betteridge, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Pérola Maria Goldfeder Borges de Castro, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Yannick Dupraz, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Moe Takahashi, Keio Univeresity, Japan
  • Vigyan D. Ratnoo, University of York, United Kingdom
  • Muhammad Z. Abbasi, American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Javier Mejia, Los Andes University, Colombia
  • Mai Adachi, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Shohei Yamasaki, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo , Japan
  • Ioanna-Elissavet Kalokairinou, University Paris 1, France
  • Jonathan Guzman Garcia, Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia


Panel abstract

1st half

Financial Frictions in Trade: Evidence from a 19th century Global Financial Crisis

Chenzi Xu

Immigrants and Land Policy in São Paulo State, Brazil (1886­-1930)

André L. Lanza

Taxing the Foreign Consumer: Indian Exports and British Opium Policy in Bengal, 1888­190

Samuel R. Betteridge

“Gathering News around the Throne”: The Brazilian Postal System and the Formation of National State in Brazil (1829-1890)

Pérola Maria Goldfeder Borges de Castro

Fatherless: The Long-­Term Effects of Losing a Father in the U.S. Civil War

Yannick Dupraz

Historical Study on the Formation Process of Overseas Chinese Policy - Empirical Analysis Using Administrative Documents in the French Colonial Period

Moe Takahashi

Railways, Land Tenure and Rural India

Vigyan D. Ratnoo

Sharī‘a under the English Legal System in British India

Muhammad Z. Abbasi

Social Networks and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Historical Episode of Industrialization

Javier Mejia

The Impact of River Transport on Industrialization in Germany from the Late Nineteenth Century to the Early Twentieth Century, in the Context of Interurban Competition – A Case Study of the River Rhine and its Branch

Mai Adachi

2nd half

Human Capital Accumulation and Economic Development in Modern Japan

Shohei Yamasaki

The Sea Commercial Routes Designed by the Greek Shipowners during the Period 1830-1914

Ioanna-Elissavet Kalokairinou

La Manumisión como Dimensión Política de la Libertad en la Provincia de Cartagena, 1800 – 1810

Jonathan Guzman Garcia