Accepted Sessions and Session CfPs

Panel proposals accepted on the second round are now online and are listed together with the first round proposals here:

A list of panels with open Calls for Papers is available here:

The original submitter can now edit an accepted panel online. You may edit the abstract and add or remove participants so that the combination best serves the scholarly goals of the panel and the whole WEHC 2018. Please note that the resulting webpage linked from the list of accepted panels is public.

If your panel has open slots for individual papers, please indicate this by checking the corresponding checkbox when editing the panel online. The list of accepted panels will then indicate that your panel has an open call for papers. You may reference the public WEHC panel webpage in your CfP.

Note also that the original submitter will later be responsible for uploading the individual papers of the panel online. This feature will open in the spring of 2018. Resulting webpage with the panel abstract and individual papers will then be linked from WEHC’s online program.

Individual paper submissions to accepted sessions with open CfPs should be sent by email to organizers mentioned in the session description.