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Classifying the merchandises of the waves of globalisation (17th-20th century)

Research in international trade has moved to phenomena on the sector, product, firm or even plant level. We need high quality historical micro data to explore these things. That makes the harmonized identification and classification of commodities crucial. Without a classification consensus, it is impossible to answer questions on topics such as vertical quality specialization, diversification, trade in value-added, revealed comparative advantage, the gains from trade or intra-industry trade.

We want to achieve a minimum consensus among all the historical research teams on how to build a sound, question-compatible classification of products and sectors. This would ensure the construction of historical and long-term trade datasets at the product level, comparable across and countries. The suggested two 90-minute sessions would be a major step into that direction.


  • Loïc Charles, Université Paris-8,, France
  • Guillaume Daudin, Université Paris-Dauphine,, France
  • Ana Carreras Marin, University of Barcelona,, Spain
  • Wolf-Fabian Hungerland, Humboldt-universität zu berlin,, Portugal

Session members

  • Bertrand Blancheton, Université de Bordeaux,
  • Pierre Gervais, Université Paris-3,
  • Aidan Kane, NUI Galway,
  • David S. Jacks, Simon Fraser University,
  • Cristina Moreira, Universidade do Minho,
  • Werner Scheltjens, Universität Leipjig,
  • Gordon Holmes, Mongolia International University,
  • Jacopo Timini, Banco de España,
  • Klaus Weber, European University Viadrina,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Markus Lampe, Vienna University of Economics and Business,