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Commerce, Finance and Exchange in Eurasia: Institutions, treaties and contracts, 1500-1900

As home to the rising European merchant empires in the West and central states such as the Ottoman, Mughal, Ming and Qing Empires in the East, Eurasia was a world of booming commerce and exchange in the early modern era. Differences in historical legacies and types of state formation in the both ends of Eurasia led to variation in the institutional environment of commerce and exchange in two ends. With the increasing scholarly interest in the institutional foundations of economic development, the elaboration of different institutional forms governing the commercial life in different parts of the Eurasian world and the effects of these institutional forms on economic development begs an examination of the institutions of different Eurasian empires on a single platform. This panel aims to bring scholars working on the institutional foundations of finance, commerce and exchange in the Ottoman Empire together with scholars dealing with the same subject for the Western Europe, Russia, India, China and Japan.

The session will be build on a number of themes including but not restricted to:

a) Relationship between the legal institutions, finance and commercial Life
b) The state attitudes towards commerce, finance and merchants
c) International treaties governing the commerce and its effects on the commercial life
d) Financial institutions, transactions and the credit world


  • Mehmet Bulut, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University,, Turkey

Session members

  • S.Said Kaymakcı, George Town University,
  • Cem Korkut, Yıldırım Beyazıt University,
  • Bora Altay, Yıldırım Beyazıt University,
  • M.Bedrettin Toprak, Istanbul Sabahattain Zaim University,
  • Toshiaki Tamaki, Kyoto Sangyo,
  • Germano Maifreda, University of Milan,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Himmet Taskomur, Harvard University,