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Development Under Dictatorship?  – Revisiting economic development under authoritarian regimes in the periphery

The role of the state in economic development is contested. New research on the developmental state in Asia and the effects of state-led industrialization in Latin America poses still unanswered questions. The rapid economic transformation of some countries under authoritarian regimes complicates our understanding of the relation between economic development and political regime. In order to address the factors for inclusive transformation under authoritarian regimes, comparative work might be most fruitful. Did some dictatorships pave the way for inclusive development, while others had pervasive negative impacts? What answers are hinted to by looking at multiple dimensions of development?

Call for Papers for the panel (PDF).


  • Montserrat Lopez Jerez, Lund University,, Spain
  • Sara Torregrosa Hetland, Lund University,, Spain
  • Cristian Arturo Ducoing Ruiz, Lund University, , Chile

Session members

  • Sara Torregrosa Hetland, Lund University,
  • Montserrat Lopez Jerez, Lund University,
  • Cristian Arturo Ducoing Ruiz, Lund University,
  • Christer Gunnarsson, Lund University,
  • Martin Andersson, Lund University,
  • Tobias Axelsson, Lund University,
  • Piotr Korys, University of Warsaw,
  • Maciej Tyminski, University of Warsaw,
  • Greta Seibel, London School of Economics,
  • Prince Young Aboagye, Lund University,
  • Ellen Hillbom, Lund University,
  • Giacomo Gabbuti, University of Oxford,
  • Nuno Palma, University of Manchester,
  • Jaime Reis, University of Lisbon,
  • Antonio Linares, University of Extremadura,
  • Francisco Parejo, University of Extremadura,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Leandro Prados de la Escosura, Carlos III University,
  • Gareth Austin, The Graduate Institute Geneva,
  • Ewout Frankema, Wageningen University,
  • Christer Gunnarsson, Lund University,