Dissertation and Poster Competition Winners

Dissertation Competition Winners

Ancient, medieval, early modern:
Markets of Exception: An Economic History of Impunity in Britain and France, 1720-1830
Trevor Jackson, University of California, Berkeley

19th Century:
British Economic Policy and Ireland, c.1841-53
Charles P. Read, Cambridge University

20th Century:
Financing the African Colonial State: Fiscal Capacity Building and Forced Labor
Marlous van Waijenburg, Northwestern University/University of Michigan

Poster Competition Winners

The Formation of the Theatre Market: A Socioeconomic Analysis of the Vienese Performing Arts
Ryohei Oshio, Waseda University

19th Century:
Reshaping Global Trade: The Long Term Effects of Bank Failure
Chenzi Xu, Harvard University

20th Century:
Determinants of Mexican Migration in the Early 20th Century: Markets, Geography and Insitutions
David Escamilla-Guerrero, London School of Economics