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Economic interactions between the Baltic Sea Region and other parts of the world: Economic Relations from pre-WWI to the Present

The Baltic Sea Region has long been a hub of international activity and exchange, dating back at least to the medieval Hanseatic League. Today it is seen as one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. After the First World War there were many economic actors around the Baltic Sea: large states like Germany, Poland, as well as small national states like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The countries were different in size and in internal regimes. They had a variety of economic contacts with each other and the rest of the world: trade, foreign direct investments, and debt relations, migration of entrepreneurs, merchants, professionals and workers.
But what were the economic relations and interactions between the Baltic Sea Region countries and other parts of the world? In particular, what were the economic and political interactions of the Baltic Sea Region with countries such as the USA and Russia or regions like South America and Africa?
We invite papers to discuss the economic and political interaction between the Baltic Sea Region and other parts of the world during the decades before WWI, the interwar years, the Soviet period (particularly for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Poland) and from the collapse of the USSR to the present.
Papers should deal with any or some of the following:
– external trade
– foreign direct investments
– financial and debt relations
– diffusion of technologies
– diffusion industrial management practices
– institutions created to favour economic relations with the rest of world
– trade and other government policies to foster Baltic Sea connections with the rest of the world
– other issues related to the topic.


  • Viesturs P. Karnups, University of Latvia,, Latvia

Session members

  • Sofya Salomatina, Moscow Lomonosov State University,
  • Mikael Olsson, Uppsala University,
  • Mikael Lönnborg, Uppsala University,
  • Hans Jörgensen, Umeå Universitet,
  • Piotr Franaszek, Jagiellonian University,
  • Aappo Kähönen, University of Helsinki,
  • Jonas Ljungberg, Lund University,
  • Peter Hedberg, Uppsala University,
  • Lars Karlsson, Uppsala University,
  • John Reardon, Hamline University,
  • Jaak Valge, Tartu University,
  • Ayşe F. Şahinkuşu, Bozok University,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Anu M. Kõll, Södertörn University,
  • Maris A. Vinovskis, University of Michigan, vinovski@umich.ed

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  • Viesturs P. Karnups, University of Latvia,, Latvia