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Energy efficiency, economic growth and environment

There are surprisingly few studies on the different historical paths of energy efficiency taken by different countries. This session will bring together new long-run data and methodological discussions on the energy efficiency of countries and industries and explore the relationship between energy productivity and economic growth. It will also discuss how increases in energy efficiency can become detrimental to the environment. The papers in this session will address energy transitions and energy crises in different contexts, with regards to divergences or convergences between technological and ecological conditions and the role of innovation as a means of redress. Interdisciplinary approaches will be welcome.


  • Mathieu Arnoux, Université Paris-Diderot,,
  • Sofia Henriques, Lund University,,

Session members

  • Eunhye Kim, Université Paris-Diderot,
  • Jonhatan McCullen, University of Cambridge,
  • Tiago Domingos, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa,
  • Gregoire Wallenborn, Université Libre de Bruxelles,
  • Roger Fouquet, London School of Economics,
  • Paul Sharp, University of Southern Danemark,
  • Andre Cabrera Serrenho, University of Cambridge,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Astrid Kander, Lund University,