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Historical Economic Development Through Russian and Soviet Lenses

Recent years have seen a relative surge in interest in and research into myriad topics in Russian and Soviet economic history. Much of this has been closely tied to the exploration and digitization of new and exciting data from archival and obscure published sources from both the Imperial and Soviet periods. This empirical revolution has allowed scholars to examine long-standing questions in original ways and to address new questions that previously were not accessible. As a result, our understanding of the institutional and market development of Imperial Russia, the population and economic crises of the first half of the 20th century, the workings of the Soviet system, and the interaction of Russia with the global economy over the last 200 years has been fundamentally revised by this new wave of research projects.

This proposed two-block session will allow leading scholars of Russian and Soviet economic history a chance to take stock of these recent developments and to highlight new avenues of research going forward. The emphasis will be on work by less senior scholars in dialogue with the long-standing concerns of more experienced researchers in the field. In addition, the session will provide a forum for scholars trained and based in different disciplines – history, economics, finance, etc. – to explore issues of common concern in doing research in in Russian and Soviet economic history. Given the significant and growing interest in the economic history of the region, we are proposing the longer (two-block) session to allow for as many presentations and as much fruitful discussion as possible. Please see the attached preliminary schedule for further details.


  • Steven Nafziger, Williams College,, USA

Session members

  • Gani Aldashev, Université libre de Bruxelles,
  • Catherine Guirkinger, University of Namur,
  • Elena Korchmina, NYU-Abu Dhabi,
  • Marvin Suesse, Trinity College Dublin,
  • Theocharis Grigoriadis, Free University of Berlin,
  • Leonid Borodkin, Moscow State University,
  • Natalya Naumenko, Northwestern University,
  • Mark Harrison, University of Warwick,
  • Kristy Ironside, McGill University,
  • Ilya Voskoboynikov, Higher School of Economics,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Yakov Feygin, Harvard,
  • Amanda Gregg, Middlebury College,
  • Steven Nafziger, Williams College,
  • Andrei Markevich, New Economic School,