Local Transportation

Transportation from Airport to Conference

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

MBTA offers free service into the city center through the Silver Line. To get to the conference site, attendees can take the Silver Line from the airport to South Station. To find where to catch the Silver Line see the airport map here. Staying in the subway system, attendees can connect to the Red Line at South Station. Take the Red Line train heading towards Alewife. Take that train to the MIT/Kendall Square stop. As attendees exit that stop, the Marriott Kendall Square is the conference center where they can register for the Congress.

Click here for more information on MBTA routes and rates.

Click here for a PDF version of the MBTA routes.


Lyft is a rideshare app that attendees can download to their phone. On average, prices range from $15-30 depending on traffic and time of arrival. To learn more about how to use Lyft from Boston Logan International Airport see Lyft’s website.

Be aware that there are specific locations where travelers can be picked up by rideshare drivers. To find out where you can be picked up see Logan Airport transportation options.

Taxi/Limousine Service

Standard Taxi, Shuttle, and Limousine service is also available at the airport, essentially on demand. For more information the various cab companies and availability, see the airport’s website on local transportation.

Click here to print a PDF of the various ground transportation options available at the airport.


Regional Travel

MBTA Commuter Rail Service

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has several commuter rail lines that service the greater Boston area. Please click here to find more information on the various lines and ticket prices.


Amtrak has several routes are fairly affordable for many in the United States, especially those living in the Northeast. Others may wish to fly to other nearby cities and take a train. All information on how to find and purchase train tickets can be found on the Amtrak website.


Getting around Boston and Cambridge

MBTA/Public Transit

MBTA offers a fantastic system of bus and subway lines. More importantly, it is extremely affordable in comparison with other large cities. Each subway ride is $2.75 each way, or conversely, one can purchase a 7-day pass for both the subway and bus lines for $21.25. Boston’s public transportation provides access to most of the city and its immediate surroundings. For up-to-date information on subway routes and fares please visit the MBTA website here.

For bus routes please visit this page.


Lyft is also an excellent option for getting around the city, especially for small groups. The app is easy to use and usually offers some sort of discount for the first few rides. Please see the following website for more information on getting around Boston using Lyft.

Bike Sharing

The Boston area has an excellent bike share network, called Hubway, that is widely available throughout Boston and Cambridge.


Boston and Cambridge are easily walkable for most attendees. On the whole, the city is safe and well patrolled by police on a regular basis. A normal level of vigilance against pickpockets is recommended, but the immediate surroundings of both MIT and Cambridge are well suited for pedestrians. It is recommended, however, to stay on sidewalks and follow traffic rules and lights as automobile traffic can be heavy at times.

For those who wish to walk around Boston and Cambridge, please visit this site to find walking maps for specific areas.

For a map of MIT’s campus see: https://whereis.mit.edu/