Reading and Uploading Papers

Panel Organizers

Panel organizers (the original submitters) can now upload papers to their panels. To update a temporary abstract to a full paper, just delete the earlier file in the paper slot. The paper metadata will be public, but opening PDFs requires a user account and logging in.

To upload papers, edit your panel in your Dashboard. If you have forgotten your password, reset it here. If you have problems or questions about uploading papers or need to change the editor of your panel, email info -at- wehc2018 -dot- org.

Panel Members

If you are presenting in a panel, please remember to send your full paper as a PDF file as well as details of your contribution to your panel organizers so that they can add your paper on their panel web page. Panel organizers are responsible for uploading the content and deciding on the order and program of their panels.


To read and download full papers, please either log in or sign up here. Once logged in, the paper abstract fields on panel pages show a PDF link in the upper right corner. A list of accepted panels is available here. The program also includes links to panel web pages.