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Prices, income, consumption baskets, and heights: Living standards in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America (16th to 20th centuries)

At national or international levels, many academic meetings have been held recently on the diverse aspects of historical research dealing with welfare conditions in the past, either from ancient or recent times. The last WEHC, held in Kyoto in 2015, was no exception: it included a successful session titled “Welfare, inequality and standards of living compared: America, Europe and Asia, ca. 1500-2000”. Some of the participants at that meeting are now proposing this new session which will present the results of new research on economic and biologic standards of living.
More precisely, the session we propose focuses on the Iberian and Latin American cases. The two of them are already present in the global picture of living standards from which they have been absent until not so long ago. The time period chosen is the same as in Kyoto. The amplitude of the period shows our interest in the long run and on changes and continuities resulting from modern economic growth or the lack of it. We invite, then, to send communications on the following topics: indexes of prices and income from wages and other sources; consumption baskets from “third generation” which improve the methodology used so far; biological welfare indicators, such as heights.
We especially welcome those communications that compare across time and space or combine approaches from different disciplines (History, Economics, Anthropometrics, etc.). English, Portuguese and Spanish languages are accepted.


  • Rafael Dobado, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, , Spain
  • Jorge Gelman †, Universidad de Buenos Aires/CONICET, Instituto Ravignani,, Argentina
  • Daniel Santilli, Universidad de Buenos Aires/CONICET, Instituto Ravignani,, Argentina
  • Roberto Schmit, UBA-CONICET-UNGS,, Argentina

Session members

  • Ricardo Salvatore, UTDT,
  • Guido Alfani, Bocconi University, Dondena Centre and IGIER,
  • Alfredo García-Hiernaux, Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
  • María Inés Moraes, UdelaR,
  • Elías Gaona, UAEH,
  • Manuel Llorca Jaña, FAE-Usach,
  • Antonio Cámara, Ramon y Cajal Fellow & Universidad de Jaén,
  • Manuel Gonzalez Mariscal, Universidad de Sevilla,
  • Isabel Bartolomé Rodríguez, Universidad de Sevilla,
  • Emilio Pérez Romero, Univesidad Complutense de Madrid,
  • Andrés CAlderón Fernandez, UNAM,
  • Héctor García Montero, Public University of Navarre,
  • José Miguel Lana, Public University of Navarre,
  • Antonio Linares Lujan, Universidad de Extremadura,
  • Francisco Francisco M. Parejo-Moruno, Universidad de Extremadura,
  • Juan Navarrete-Montalvo, ,
  • Roberto Araya-Valenzuela, ,
  • Federico Droller, ,
  • Juan Luis Martiren, Instituto Ravignani UBA/CONICET,
  • Miguel Reyes Hernández, IBERO/Santa Fe/CDMX,
  • Tommy E Murphy , Universidad de San Andrés,
  • Amilcar Challú, Bowling Green State University, Ohio,
  • Carolina Román, UdelaR & Universitat de Barcelona,
  • Luis Bértola, UdelaR,
  • Julio Cesar Djenderedjina, Instituto Ravignaini UBA/CONICET,
  • Carina Frid, ,
  • Antonio Camara, Universidad de Jaen,
  • José Miguel Martinez Carrión, Universidad de Muercia,
  • Moramay López Alonso, ,
  • Aurora Gomez Galvarriato, El Colegio de México,
  • Javir Puche, Universidad de Zaragoza,
  • Josep M Ramón, Universidad de Murcia,
  • José Ignacio Andrés Ucendo, Universidad del País Vasco,
  • Ramón Lanza García, UAM,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Rafael Dobado, Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
  • Daniel Santilli, Universidad de Buenos Aires/CONICET, Instituto Ravignani,
  • Roberto Schmit, UBA-CONICET-UNGS,