(updated July 27; minor fixes)

The WEHC 2018 program is now in print and also available as a PDF. The PDF version includes an index of panel participants with the page numbers as links to matching panels.

Please check especially the latest program updates from July 27.

The program is also available in Google Calendar.

Last Minute Changes

(visible in Google Calendar only)

010110 Inferring Behaviors and Standards of Living from Household Budget Data
– First and Second Half were swapped due to double booking (07-25-2018).

030121 Public Health Interventions and the Life Course Approach: Metrics for the Long-Run Success of Interventions, 19th-20th Centuries
– Paper order and line-up change (07-30-2018).

300206 Big Business and Corporate Governance in 20th-Century India
– A paper added (07-30-2018).

010103 Commerce, Finance, and Exchange in Eurasia: Institutions, Treaties, and Contracts, 1500-1900
– A paper added (07-30-2018).