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The atomic business: Industrial, financial and economic issues of the development of nuclear power over the 20th century

Nuclear power plants rank among the largest export transactions in world commerce. For most of the second part of the 20th century, the scientific and engineering frontiers expanded as the nuclear programs sprung around the world. Achieving the successful connection of a nuclear reactor to the grid requires the contribution of thousands of contractors across a variety of industrial sectors, the financial support of public and private capital and, the commitment of the authorities to fulfil and enforce international atomic regulations.
However, the economic history of nuclear power remains on its infancy. Following a successful session at Kyoto WEHC, this session aims at filling this gap. We aim to reunite authors that offer an international historical perspective on the development of nuclear energy from its origins in to the present with particular emphasis on the economic, financial and business origins of nuclear programs all over the world.
We seek papers focused on how the nuclear programs came about, over the creation of the industrial and financial frameworks required, on the business history of the companies involved with nuclear programs or the development individual nuclear projects. We expect to find transnational linkages to emerge from the national cases given the role that technological transfers and international finance played for the development of nuclear energy, but specific studies addressed at those aspects (e.g. the role of multinationals or supranational organizations) would be also welcomed.
On the light of previous calls and the participation on research project about the history of the nuclear programs in Europe financed by the EU under Horizon2020 program, the organizers count with the a core group of researchers and case studies for the Boston meeting. Additionally, the organizers are more than happy to receive proposals on this topic from any part of the world and any historical period in order to bring more case studies on board. Paper presenters will be expected to act as discussants.

If you have a paper to contribute, please, send a title, abstract and short bio to the organizers with the subject title “Atomic business at WEHC2018” before July 1st 2017


  • M. del Mar Rubio-Varas, Universidad Publica de Navarra,,
  • Joseba De la Torre, Universidad Publica de Navarra,,
  • Duncan Connors, Durham University Business School,,

Session members

  • Hana Šústková, University of Ostrava ,
  • Thomas Rawski, University of Pittsburgh ,
  • Milagros Rodriguez, Universidad de Buenos Aires,
  • Esther Sanchez-Sanchez, Universidad de Salamanca,
  • Niklas Jensen-Eriksen, University of Helsinki,
  • Takeo Kikkawa, Tokyo University,
  • Federico Lazarín Miranda, Universidad Autónoma de Mexico,
  • Gloria Sanz Lafuente, Universidad Publica de Navarra,
  • Jayita Sarkar, Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies,
  • Markku Lehtonen, University of Sussex ,
  • Matti Roitto, University of Jyväskylä,

Proposed discussant(s)

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