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The formation of the wage in an early modern global context

Scholarship on wage earning in England and NW Europe in the early modern period has been begun to move away from deriving the real wage from ‘day wages’ for the construction industry. The day wage methodology for Asia has been challenged. This session (full morning, two sessions of 90 minutes) will exploit new quantitative and qualitative research strategies to explore how piece rates, day rates, annual remunerations, and other forms of bargain were formed around labour exchange costs in the early modern world. The organizers will seek and choose case studies or theoretical perspectives, from a global field which explore how time, pay and output were related and structured, in monetary, commodity, legal, cultural or other terms to give a new perspective on early modern labour markets.


  • Judy Z Stephenson, Oxford ,, UK
  • Jacob Weisdorf, SDU,, Denmark

Session members

  • Kathryn Gary, Lund,
  • Luca Mocarelli , Bucconi,
  • D'Maris Coffman, UCL,
  • Ben Schneider , Oxford ,
  • Ernesto Lopez , EHU,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Patrick H Wallis, LSE,
  • Styles John, Herts,