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Trade and Long-Term Development: Evidence from Three Millennia of Data

Openness to trade has the potential to affect the long term development of regions through a variety of mechanisms. Throughout the course of history, improvements in shipping and trading technology have dramatically lowered the barriers to trade. The first three papers in this session explore the impact of three particular technologies; open sea shipping, the chronometer and the global telegraph network. The final paper exploits a novel dataset to take a very long-run view at the determinants of trade patterns. By bringing these papers together in one session, the aim is to foster discussion both on the mechanisms at work in different historical contexts and the way they impact our understand of the central question of how trade affects growth.


  • Claudia Steinwender, Harvard Business School,,
  • Reka Juhasz, Princeton University and Columbia University,,

Session members

  • Jorn Steffen Pischke, London School of Economics,
  • Stephan Maurer, London School of Economics,
  • Ferdinand Rauch, University of Oxford,
  • Claudia Steinwender, Harvard Business School,
  • Reka Juhasz, Princeton University and Columbia University,
  • Luigi Pascali, University of Warwick,
  • Alessandro Iaria, CREST-ENSAE,
  • Martina Miotto, University of Warwick,
  • David S Jacks, Simon Fraser University,
  • Kevin H O'Rourke, University of Oxford,
  • Alan M Taylor, UC Davis,

Proposed discussant(s)

  • Luigi Pascali, University of Warwick,
  • Mara Squicciarini, Northwestern University,
  • Chenzi Xu, Harvard University,
  • Jules Hugot, PU Javierana,